Metro New York District elects new superintendent

General Superintendent David A. Busic announced the election of Samuel C. Vassel as superintendent of the Metro New York District.

Elected 11 May on the first ballot, Vassel replaces Art Alexander, who is retiring after serving in the position since 2004. Vassel will begin his new assignment 11 June.

Vassel is currently the lead pastor at Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene in Bronx, New York, a position he has had since 2000. He became a member of the Church of the Nazarene's General Board in 2017. 

He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary, a Masters of Arts from Wheaton Graduate School, and a Bachelor of Science from West Indies University.

“I am honored to serve God and my church as the district superintendent of the Metro NewYork District," Vassel said. "It is established fact that New York is strategic in the world in so many ways: in culture, finance, and information. I believe it is also missionally strategic to God and His church as it is perhaps the most important 'crossroad' to the world. The witness then of our church and its mission in 'Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations,' in partnership with God’s Spirit, is particularly vital in this district at this time, and I am humbled to be asked by God and His Church to lead in this endeavor.”

Sam and his wife, Angela, currently reside in Mount Vernon, New York.

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