Kim, JongIl and SunZoo - Australia/New Zealand

I was born in Korea on a small island. During my early childhood I traveled to many islands because my father was a teacher and was transferred often to different schools on the islands. When I was in primary school in fifth grade, I moved
to the school in KwangJu city. At that time I went to the church for the first time at Christmas with my friends.

When I was the middle school I attended a Christian school and began to study the Bible which was offered as a requirement. During that time, I began to doubt the birth of Jesus Christ and was angry at the story that many innocent babies were killed due to His birth. I did ask my pastor, but he did not give me an answer. Finally I did not go to church any more after graduation. I hated all kind of religions; it did not look like the perfect answer for my life.

When I was in high school, I suffered very much after my eldest brother’s death and I was tormented by my doubts about social system and human life as well as my fear of death. I began to drink and smoke, because I doubted myself. All of these
things caused me to become fascinated with Buddhism. Also I learned Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do and Kick boxing, because I wanted to protect myself and become strong.

During my years in college, I grew as a faithful Buddhist. I used to go to
the deep mountain and meditated ideal subject according to the Buddhism. I was  involved in Buddhist group activity, more deeply. The Buddhists seemed to have all of the answers about life.

SunZoo(my wife) and I met in 1987 at the Buddhist Temple during the Buddha's birthday celebration. Sunzoo was a strong Buddhist, as was I. We fell in love because we were common in Buddhism. We married in 1990.

After graduation from the Chosun University in 1989, I came to Australia to study computer engineering. While there I began working to establish a Buddhist temple for the Korean in Perth. During this time I was involved in bad accidents, my room had
burned, I had six car accidents, an injured arm and was hospitalized with four separated surgeries and three years of medical treatment. This was really discouraging for my life.

In the mean time my friend who worked with me to establish the Buddhist temple for Koreans in Perth, returned to Korea and I found myself under constant pressure both financially and spiritually.

After my second child was born I had another car accident which was in 1991. After the accident I began to ponder the meaning of my life and the future that I had been pursuing. My thinking caused me to doubt the trust that Buddhism declares and to despair in my life. The elder of the first Korean Holiness Church had tried to
evangelize me since 1990. I had refused him continually. However, I was now open to his approach. Jesus came to me and touched my heart.

In July 1991, I had another car accident which was the fifth time. After this happened, I met Pastror YoungLun Kim who taught me holiness, sanctification and justification. I had decided to commit my life to follow Jesus and then got rid of all kinds of Buddhist things such as taped music, books and materials.

I was baptized with Sunzoo, Danie(dedication) in 1991(Perth), by Pastor YoungLun Kim. The main thing I found was that I was no longer fearful for my life or of death and for my future. God has replaced that with a joy and peace that comes from having His Holy Spirit in my heart. After this I went to the Perth Bible College and a
year after went back to Korea to Nazarene Theological College. In 1995 November, I was in prayer early morning 2am God had shown me the vision of an English word “Aborigines” so I came to Australia in 1996, even though I didn’t know where to go
and where was the Aboriginal people. Since 1996 I have been working Aboriginal Ministry.

In 1997 God wants me to go to the Kimberley, so I came to Derby. Since then Kimberley has been in my heart. I am what I am today by the grace and love of

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Born in Korea, South


Born in Korea, South


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  • Kaili

Home District: South Korea National

Home Church: Kwang-song

Home Assignment Dates:

Nov 22, 2017 - Nov 22, 2017

Service History:
  • 2015 - Present , Australia/New Zealand
  • 2014 - 2015 , Australia/New Zealand
  • 2013 - 2014 , Australia/New Zealand