Dave and Marybeth Giles

Serving in Central Europe as Sponsored Deployment | Asia-Pacific

Marybeth hails from the beautiful state of Washington and Dave from the
other coast, Maine. Their paths crossed in Idaho at Northwest Nazarene
University where they met in 1993 while studying. Marybeth was getting
her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and Dave was
completing his Bachelor’s in Biblical Literature. They hung out together
and became good friends, but their paths parted when Marybeth moved
overseas to teach, and Dave moved to Kansas City, Mo to pursue his
Master’s in Divinity. Each followed God’s call on their lives. Marybeth
traveled the world as an International School teacher. Dave began to
pastor in the US, and he also went on many different Work & Witness
trips. Little did they know that God had other plans in mind for them that
would be fulfilled when their paths intersected many years after their first

14 years later, their paths crossed again, and they wondered why it had
taken them so long to realize they were meant to be together. They
married in July 2009. They moved to Tbilisi, Georgia where Marybeth
taught grade four at an International School. Dave volunteered in
ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ, YWAM, CMA, and the
Assemblies of God. He preached when given the opportunity. While in
Georgia, they heard about the coffee shop ministry the Church of the
Nazarene had in Poland. They took a trip there, and after that trip they
felt God nudging them into full-time missions. They prayed about it, and
well, the rest as they say is history.

After one year in Georgia, in August of 2010, they were blessed with a
daughter, Makayla Grace-another major life-changing event! She is now
an energetic, outgoing, and amazing four year old!

Presently, the Giles are serving in Poland in coffee shop ministry. The ministry
uses a coffee shop as a way to meet people, initiate conversation, and
eventually share the gospel. They are involved in teaching English, Bible
Studies, and working at the shop in order to connect with people. By
developing relationships with people, they have opportunities to share the
love of Christ.

Going Where the Church is Not Yet

Today there are over 4.3 billion people who live in areas where there is little to no gospel witness. 4.3 billion people who have not heard the message of the gospel, who have never heard the name of Jesus. We believe that everyone deserves to hear. God continues to call the Church of the Nazarene to spread the message of the gospel, to preach holiness, and to bring good news to the poor all over the world. The task is enormous; far too big for anyone to do alone, but together we can go where the church is not yet and see people, communities, and nations transformed. Reaching these people begins with one step, a step of obedience and faithfulness that says yes to God’s call. Take your first step and start your journey toward serving in missions today.

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