Keep The Blessings Coming

Matthew 5:1-12

One day I headed into a large city with a clipboard, a good friend, and a video camera; I wanted to talk to people. One question on the clipboard was simple: “Do you believe in God?” God was indeed affirmed as “Giver of Blessings” that day.

In Matthew 5, Jesus is with committed followers. Climbing a hill, they escape crowds to hear Jesus teach. His topic? “How to keep God’s blessings.” Jesus speaks candidly about who will be blessed. “Blessed are the merciful,” He says.

Life is relational: relationship with God and relationship with others. We are created for it. Relationship also houses God’s promise of mercy and blessing. More of God in us is more of God poured out to others. A deeper relationship with God is a blessing that “keeps coming.”

Want to be blessed? Love God and love others. Want to keep God’s blessings coming? Seek more of Him and keep doing “whatever it is” He is calling you into.

Author: Jan C. LaSalle

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