God Is With You

Acts 18:1-11

Throughout church history, the religious establishment has often put obstacles in the path of those called to share the gospel. Many truth-seekers have been forced out of church leadership in order to follow God, including Martin Luther, John Wesley, William and Catherine Booth, and a host of others. When the establishment could not silence them, they often founded new ministries.

In the late nineteenth century, Phineas Bresee found himself at odds with the leaders of his denomination. They objected to his holiness message and his insistence that the gospel be shared with the poor. When he was ousted from leadership, he joined with like-minded people to found a mission that eventually became a holiness denomination.

In the book of Acts, the main opponents to the spread of the gospel were the very people who had been entrusted with God’s story, but who didn’t want it expanded to include people outside their religious group. If Paul had allowed them to silence him, the new Christian movement would have been extinguished.

Author: Karen Hiner

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