Greater Than One

Acts 20:25-38

Even with the gift of Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, sometimes it can be hard to know what God wants us to do in difficult situations. God has given us a valuable gift for those times when His will is difficult to discern: each other.

When we are welcomed into the church, we are given pastors and teachers to guide us into our life as the people of God. We are given a family of people who have been walking with God longer than us, and we can learn from their wisdom and experience. We are given the gift of new Christians who bring a fresh perspective to the community of faith. Everyone from the oldest to the very youngest is important pieces of the whole. In the whole of community, we can find the strength God designed for the body of Christ.

If you are having trouble understanding God’s will, prayerfully listen to the counsel of God’s people. God speaks to everyone in the community, not just you. If we ignore the counsel of this family we have been welcomed into, we are missing out on a treasure.

Author: Steve Malcolm

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