Worth the Wait

Luke 2:36-47

Waiting is one of the most difficult facts of life, even harder because we live in such an instant technological society. Advertising promotes that we should have everything we want and have it now. However, waiting is unavoidable. The question is this: How are we going to wait?

In Luke 2, Anna is a prime example of one who waits on God with anticipation that He will show up. The great thing about Anna is that she enjoyed God’s presence while she waited. Anna spent her days praising God, fasting, and worshiping. She was now 84, but never lost hope. Finally, Mary and Joseph showed up at the temple with Jesus. Anna burst out in a song of praise and thanksgiving. She proclaimed God’s faithfulness; she rejoiced to witness His deliverance. Anna knew that God had come to redeem His people.

Waiting is unavoidable for Christians. We all wait for the second coming of Christ when our salvation will be complete. God is faithful, and He will not disappoint. However, we must choose to wait like Anna, in an attitude of worship.

Author: Samantha Chambo

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Did you know: God pursues you with love and offers salvation. What happens next?

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