God Is Due Respect

Exodus 19:14-25

Have you ever marveled at the power of nature? Rivers carve out canyons and smooth boulders. Winds can be so strong that a person has to lean into them to stay upright. Creation—and the God who formed it—is something to be respected.

In this second half of Exodus 19, the people are awestruck and afraid as they experience God’s power in the sights and sounds coming from Mount Sinai. God is teaching them to have a healthy respect for their Creator and Deliverer. This same creator uses the power of nature to deliver them (for instance, parting the Red Sea). God teaches the Israelites to remain at the foot of the mountain while God displays awe-inspiring power. It is not just about power, however, it is also about holiness. The Israelites are told to cleanse themselves. Then they are told that the part of the mountain they are not to touch is going to be holy ground. God is teaching the Israelites to respect both God’s power and holiness.

Author: Amy Rice

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